As cities become a part of our lives, they reach out to us, and depending on the impressions they leave on us, we often reach back and attempt to make sense of them.

In seeking to make sense of his relationship with Cape Town and the notion of place and home, Visule’s photographs are an open interrogation of the city with no beginning or end. The fluidity of this approach translated into a sentiment shared; a sentiment inspired by a yearning to connect with kin near and far. 4CNRS is a project that traces connections through relationships and relationships to space. 
Through exploring these layers of connection, Visule invites friends, who are also artists, writers, DJs, and designers, to render their additional readings and interpretations of the photographs. The result is an immersive celebration of collaboration and expression, with each response musing about a once-shared space that reached out to us.
24-page Risograph Zine Published by Dream Press and Studio Muchuzi.
Artistic responses to Visule Kabunda's photographs by Nchimunya Kabunda, Sam Fortuin, Sana Ginwalla, Thero Makepe, Amy-Paige Cox, Joel Mamboka, Kim Karabo Makin and Rubinho Darcio Mulungo 

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